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Titanium tetrachloride(TiCl4) is an intermediate chemical used in the production of titanium sponge. Its purity is essential to the quality of titanium sponge and to other chemical processes.

a division of Titanium Metals Corporation of America, is the free world's largest integrated commitment to the manufacture of high quality titanium sponge at its Henderson, Nevada plant leads logically to the manufacture and sale of titanium tectrachloride with a similar high level of purity.

Anhydrous titanium tetrachloride is a clear, colorless liquid which fumes strongly in ambient atmospheres. The products of this reaction are hydrongen chloride(HCl) and titanium dioxide(Tio2). Therefore special precautions are prescribed in the handling of liquid TiCl4 and are described in this bulletin.

The uses of titanium tetrachloride, beyond titanium sponge production, are varied. The single largest use is to produce pigment grade TiO2. Others include the production of Titanium trichloride as a component in the Ziegler catalyst system for the prodcution of polypropylente; as a catalyst in the Ziegler process for high desnsity polyethylene; as a catalyst in the production of stereo rubber, including polyisoprene, polybutadiene,and ethylene-propylene; the production of certain aromatic compounds; and hot end coatings for glass containers.

Thus. the end products that utilize titanium tetrachloride in their manufacture vary from paint to auto interiors to luggage to fishnets to soft drink bottles to perfumes. All of the products that require titanium tetracholoride in their manufacture are vital parts of a growing world economy.




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