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Titanium Oxychloride (indicative chemical formula TiOCl2,xHCl,yH2O) is a clear yellow liquid a clear yellow liquid, which is sometimes also called "aqueous solution of titanium tetrachloride".


Titanium Oxychloride production

Titanium tetrachloride is extremely reactive with water, so when the titanium tetrachloride is diluted, it generates large amounts of heat, white fumes, and a strongly irritating chlorine gas odor. This property has made it difficult to use diluted titanium tetrachloride, and has made it essential to have facilities such as gas emission treatment equipment to protect the environment and guard against pollution. In order to resolve this issue, we manufacture diluted titanium tetrachloride, with using high-purity water for dissolving so that it can be handled using general laboratory facilities.


Key Features 

  • Equivalent TiCl4 content: ≥40% to ≥60% 
  • Specific gravity : ≥ 1390 to 1580 kg/m3
  • CAS N°: 13780-39-7
  • EINECS N°: 237-430-5



Ceramic materials made from titanium oxide or having titanium oxide as the main component.




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